Playpal is new kind of sports game for schoolkids!

Playpal is a brand new and unique sports game, which encourages children to exercise. All children can join the Playpal games. The pilot season will be played in the spring of 2017 and it includes four different sports; floorball, football, volleyball and basketball. There will be more sports variety later on.

The idea of Playpal is to get the children to play sport games at their own school. The kids can play Playpal whenever they want and whoever they want to play with – before school, at recess, at gym class and after school. This makes playing Playpal regardless of time and place. With Playpal you can get extra motivation to the game because the more you exercise the more you can tune your virtual character. The schools’ each class shares a mutual virtual world which improves as the kids continue to exercise.

The games are coordinated with

mobile devices

We believe that mobile devices are here to stay, also in the school world. We should make use of it in terms of children’s health and physical education. The Playpal sports game is administrated through the mobile application. Every pupil can download the Playpal application into their mobiles for free. The next step is to sign in to the system and create a game profile with the help of a teacher. Players get their own handicap, which is influenced by age.

Playpal is free of charge for pupils.Playpal games are five minutes short and it is played by making two teams which each have three players. You also need one pupil to use the Playpal mobile scoreboard to mark the goals and faults.

Join in with your school!

All the primary-schools in Finland can join to the pilot which starts in March 2017.

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